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Paypal Postage suddenly 0.00??


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apologies if I've started a new thread for now reason, but we have a web site www.silkyandspice.com thats oscommerce 2.2-MS2 - we havent changed anything with it in over a yeart and it accepts amongst others Paypal.


Paypal has been working fine for that year, but suddenly for some reason even though we charge postage for values upto ?39.99 it shows it allt he way thru until we gte the paypal details screen and the postage is re-set to 0?


we've oly just noticed this and have been shipping without checking the full amount (out stupid fault)


paypal have told us to sod off and say its oscommerce thats at fault - but like I say - as far sa I know we havent changed anything in over a year??


any ideas or changes that anyone knows of regarding sending payments to paypal??


we dont want o apply the new oscommerce updates at this time as it will involve a lot of re-customisation by our developer to the site once the new bits are re-put in?



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you mean the shipping charge is included on the paypal screen? You could check the currency settings. When the payment module send the info to the paypal it pulls the amount from the order and adjusts it with the currency used. Double check the paypal module for the current currency settings. Set it to GBP and retry.

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