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php coders please help with this syntax...


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could some please describe to me what the syntax of these lines of code is actually doing??

$quote[0]['methods'][0]['title'] = FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE;
$quote[0]['methods'][0]['cost'] = '0';

Well, let me rephrase that...it is obviously loading a multi-dimensional array with some text...


...BUT $quote (which is first referenced in this snippet, so I am no idea what its supposed to hold except by looking at what data is being thrust into it) is a 4 dimensional array that allows not only integers for indexes but also strings??? Coming from a 20-year C/C++ background this syntax seems somewhat insane, but is this standard PHP??


What blows me away the most is that 'methods' is not referenced anywhere else in this checkout_shipping.php code (where this example lives), so you are not sure exactly what its purpose is or its scope! Is it a GLOBAL variable from some other module, or just a "tag" to help with code commenting?? You have some fairly random string of text used in a multi-dimensional array of unknown type (because of course PHP is very "anti"-type) and are supposed to quickly start adding features to this code.


I can see some of the advantages of PHP, but I'll tell you this sort of thing makes large projects much more difficult to get up to speed with then, say C or C++ with the stringent type-checking that is constantly going on.


Can some good PHPer out there point me to a site that discusses these sort of issues??

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yea the keys (indices) in php can be integers or strings.




there are examples for other data types as well as md-arrays and how to use them.


Also each of the shipping modules assigns its class object with a global scope. See the constructor in includes\classes\shipping.php how it parses the shipping modules and uses the $GLOBALS to do that. Then you will see how the methods of each module can be utilized.

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