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Alt tags and title tags


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Hello people,


Could i please have some help with Alt and title tags as I'm getting a little confused when to use them.


Should a link to an image or text be like this or I'm i doing it wrong ?


<a href="http://www.xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx-c-23.html" alt="xxxxxxx"title="xxxxxxx">xxxxxx</font></a>


do i need both tags and if not what one should i use and where.


An advice would be great.


Kind regards

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u had:

<a href="http://www.xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx-c-23.html" alt="xxxxxxx"title="xxxxxxx">xxxxxx</font></a>

just this will do for text link:

<a href="http://www.xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx-c-23.html" title="xxxxxxx">xxxxxx</a>

note i also removed the </font> tag u had,

this for images:

<img href="http://www.xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx-c-23.html" alt="xxxxxxx">

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The alt tag is for images or image links only. The title tag can be used for them both and, from an SEO perspective, you should use them both in image links. However, if these links are for within oscommerce, which yours appear to be, then you should use the tep_href_link function, in which case the title tag is built from the alt tag.



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