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The e-commerce.

A very simple (and dummy?) question


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Hi to everybody


I'm trying to activate osCommerce on my site. Everything it's ok, no problems in uploading, configurating, editing and so on. Only one simple question: I've active only the Credit Card payment. I only want to:


1 - insert my credit card detail for obtain the payments directly over my personal credit card


2 - in alternative to this, insert my personal bank data for obtain the payment directely over my personal bank account


Where I'm wrong? Where's my error?


Thax a lot and sorry for my orrible english.... :rolleyes:


Ciao :D



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The CC system in OSC is only designed to send you the information from your custmer

It splits the card # half goes to you in an email the other have is sent to the server,


You will still need some type of merchant acount to process the CC if you are using this method and its realy designed for somone with a CC processor in their own high St. shop So they can manuly key in the CC#


If you want the monies sent to your Bank Account then their is a Contab for euorpen bank users that will allow you to set this up I believe I havent used it i only saw it the other day I dont know what the deal is with else where in the world

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I don't know if I have uderstand everything... I try to summarize:


1 - Os Commerce split the Credit Card number in two pieces: the first is sent in my e-mail, the secon is sent to a server; well... wich server do you mean? I've a merchant account in my bank (in italy we call this: "e-commerce bank account") with an internet inteface where the consumers may type their CC# and pay the goods they have bought. How can I put in communication osCommerce and my Merchant account? In the configuration panel I saw only some type (Authorize.net, Paypal etc.) but it seems I must activate an account there... I don't want to spent my money twice. I already have a merchant account I just want to run my "e-commerce account" interface when my constumer decide to checkout his order.


2 - So, there's no way to send money directely from the constumer check out to my count... isn'it?. I've to create a bridge between osCommerce and my bank account? How can i do this? May I use my "e-commerce account"? You know how?


Thx you're very kind!

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What I would suggest is contacting your merchant account holder and asking them if you need a "payment gateway". A "payment gateway" (that's what Authorize.net is, however it is not the only one, there are many) is a processor, if you will, of credit card transactions. So, to process credit cards from your site, you might need a merchant account and a payment gateway.


Try looking at some payment gateway websites that you see in the config panel, I'm sure their sites explain payment gateways better than I can.


I'm not at all familiar with how credit card transactions work in Italy, but maybe these suggestions will help you. Best of luck.



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