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Product Options Names cannot be updated


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i am running a shop with a couple of contribs installed. but there is no contrib for product optins yet installed. the shop is running since two years now. until now it was only run in german language, but since last week we want to sell internationally and are implementing english language now.


for this we also have to add the translations for all names of all product options and all their values. when we go to admin interface and then to the attributes-section, we see all attributes displayed.


and there are buttons for editing and deleting the attributes. we are clicking to "edit" and then the screen changes and lines for translations to all languages are displayed. there we write in the translations and then we click on update-button for writing these values back to database. the site is getting refreshed, but when we have a look at the attribute again, there are no translations saved, all language fields except the german one are empty again.


for testing i have already downloaded actual milestone and copie original "product_attributes.php" to the server, but there is the same error. have been looking in the forums during whole weekend, but i didnt find anything. please help me.

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just think that i found what is the problem. in the code of product_attributes.php there is the section "case:update_option_name", but this only updates the already existing languages. but in my shop the only existing language was german.


now when i manually create the entries in product_options-table for the other languages, i can update them with the admin-interface.


but what should i do about the product_options_values? i cannot update everything here manually. there are many thousands of options. think there is the same error in the code.


now anyone an idea?

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