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.htacsses and .paswrd


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hi guys,


i need some help setting up the .htacsses anf .paswrd. i did what my web host knodlge base said and all was wokring, but when i enterd the password and username it just kept asking for it.


i would enter what i set the username and password was but kept asking for it.


i need to password the admin and the image files and more as i have some stuff on my site that has no picture and if u click on the logo takes you to the /imaged folder so everyone can see all my logos





just want to say thanks to all the people who are hellping me sort my problems out

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kk thanks


thats worked! but every time i go there now on my computer i doesnt ask for a username or password and i didnt tick the rember login and password!


also what other folders do i have to protect or is that just it?





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