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Advanced Search Error, code looks fine


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been testing price searching criteria, and when I enter two equal prices, I get an error which states:


Price To must be greater than or equal to Price From.


I have checked through the code, and the only piece of code I can see looks fine...




if ( (pfrom.length > 0) && (pto.length > 0) ) {

if ( (!isNaN(pfrom_float)) && (!isNaN(pto_float)) && (pto_float < pfrom_float) ) {

error_message = error_message + "* <?php echo ERROR_PRICE_TO_LESS_THAN_PRICE_FROM; ?>\n";

error_field = document.advanced_search.pto;

error_found = true;




ALTHOUGH, I have completly removed this code, then uploaded the file, refreshed, and I still get the error so I am a little confused..


if I enter say 500 to 501 it works, if I enter 500 to 500 it throws the error...


I tried it here



and as you can see from the url, it sends the right prices....


heeeeellllppppp, I am going insane...



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found the fix to this myself, wasn't looking in the right place, was in



code to amend if you have this issue is:

around line 100 (on mine anyway)


if (($price_check_error == false) && is_float($pfrom) && is_float($pto)) {

if ($pfrom >= $pto) {

$error = true;


$messageStack->add_session('search', ERROR_PRICE_TO_LESS_THAN_PRICE_FROM);







if ($pfrom >= $pto) {


is incorrect, it should be


if ($pfrom > $pto) {


this may help others out...


happy days.... :D

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