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The e-commerce.

Data Networks Ltd


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Dear All,


This is my first shop using osCommerce.


We sell Cables & Network Hardware. We also have engineers who install CAT5e Cabling in offices?




I think osCommerce is an amazing piece of software, and I haven?t looked back since I found out about it.


The contributions came in extremely useful and a big thanks to all that made osCommerce what it is!


We are about to go live soon with our new site - and would really appreciate your feedback before we give it a go!?


What are the loading times like?

Would you trust this site?

Would you buy from this site?

What impression does the ?about us? page and photo give?

Does our ?services page? explain *clearly, in plain english* what we do?

Was it easy to navigate around this site?




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Your site seems to be fast, is easy to navigate (although I miss the breadcrumb trail), and is very clean.


Your services description should be better - if your focus is business (why do you have a 5 port switch) then you should say so and explain how professionals make a difference (like certifying cabling, like matching load capabilities to network needs, etc). If you focus on homes, then you should have home network stuff, like wiring cabinets, audio stuff, etc. And, why do you have iPod accessories (I have them on my site and I sell wide format printers - want to buy out my inventory?). I have a really tough time focusing on what we do, and it seems like you have the same problem. Your product mix should match what you define as your services. Also, maybe you should combine the Company Info and Services - Company Info seems to do a better job of defining what you do.


Some of your large images don't show when you click to enlarge (especially the one in your Company description), and your crossover cables don't have RJ45's, in addition to being bootless.


Your terms and conditions are probably very fair, but they sound too severe. Maybe they should be terms and conditions that apply to your web sales only. The contract terms should probably be discussed when you sign a contract for your services.


You use the term Company in the head and the phrase About Us in the footer. Should the language be consistent?



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Good design. You misspelled " behaviour" in your privacy notice. I will also agree with "Test Star" that your Conditions and Service sound to severe; make them more simpler. I will also recomend you to have a return policy.


Over all, good job.


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