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Infobox Borders


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I have messed with every style poperty, I have edited the mess out of of the boxes.php and the corrisponding files under includes/boxes/ and I can not find were it is getting the boder around some of the info boxes from. This is driving me nutts! LOL


So before I pull my hair out....I want to get rid of the border around several infoboxes but not all of them....anyone know how off the top of their head??????



I'm probably missing it because of frustration, but I last ditching it here! LOL :lol:

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stylesheet and depending on what you want to change the boxes class (includes/classes/boxes.php)


this can only be done if you create a second infobox class in oncludes/classes/boxes and give that a new name. In that new class (be sore to change the function name in it too!!!!) you can edit the border part, like making the border 0 or just assigning a new infobox stylesheet class to it that of course has to be defined in stylesheets


you could also check out the contrib section I could swear I saw an infobox border contrib by vger (search for vger)




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