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Broken or corupted "Order Process" emails


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Ok I have hunted for a fix for 2 days and if it's here I can't find it.


The "Order Process" emails being sent to my customers as well as the copy to me are very erratic.


They may send one time then not the next. Or not at all for several orders in a row then work for a couple and quit.


I have checked and rechecked the configuration and it matches what everyone on the forum says they should be.


One thing I have noticed is in every email that does send, the section where "Order Number" is printed will show up as some random character and a nodisplaying character such as "Order Number: $" or "Order Number: 9" or "Order Number: J"


I have tried to reset the order id number as the tips and tricks section said to for other order number problems but it did not help.


Anyone got any ideas where to look?


I did install the "usps shipping labels" contribution but I kept my old orders.php and only added the lines the contribution called for. After I edited the heck out of the differentshipping.php to fix all the broken paths it works fine. I am not sure if that caused this or not.

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Do some debugging...


Open checkout process around line 258 look for the tep_mail function


After it add something like :


echo $email_order;



Then you will see what the email is it is sending...


My guess is you broke it somewhere else.

osC Contributions I have published.


Note: Some I only provided minor changes, updates or additions!

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