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Categories Box being Hijacked!!! Seriously need help


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Dear all,


Anyone encounter this problem before? I just suddenly notice today that the CATEGORY BOX on my e-shop front page showing other site's menu instead


Please visit my site at www.econline.co.uk/shop and look at the CATEGORY BOX which not belongs to my site. If you browse by click new product or change the language, my original CATEGORY BOX has no problem. The problem only on the front page.


For temporary, please help how to remove the CATEGORY BOX first, i have try to rename /includes/box/category.php to other name but the BOX still exist


Thank you

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Weird....COOKIES problem?


Actually is not the actual website being hijack....I am using FireFox and with Web Developer Toolbar installed, when i use the feature DISABLE COOKIES, it seems the weird CATEGORY BOX gone!!! If I ENABLE COOKIES, the weird CATEGORY BOX exist again....


Please help!!!

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Don't think I can help, but I had the same thing happen once, my site was showing a catagory box from another store. It would even link to their products. Seems like both of us were using osCommerce and were on the same server. Probably was a host indexing issue that just went away as mysteriously as it came.


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Go to admin -> Configuration -> cache.


Either turn it off or define a directory for it within your webspace (under https_docs or whatever your server root is). You can put it inside catalog for example.


You're on a shared server and you're picking up data from another osC based store.


Also: Make sure you're storing sessions in the database.

Local: Mac OS X 10.5.8 - Apache 2.2/php 5.3.0/MySQL 5.4.10 • Web Servers: Linux

Tools: BBEdit, Coda, Versions (Subversion), Sequel Pro (db management)

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