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The e-commerce.

its been 2 day (and im cloose to given up)


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i been on every faq that is out there

im not to good with english but im truying b4 posting this one

ive done some work with PHP but can get it out of the oscommerce


got myself a friend with a space for me and its not good cause he dont got MYSQL

so im gone searching for a free host thet will serve my target

but you know how it is

till i found one that realy working and uploaded the files in

it doesnt work

i dont know wth to do!!!!

realy im not the kind of persone that runs away from truble but this one ios realy got me


i need some help shorly some of you can retrive some help that they was geting in the begining of their

way on oscommerce.


spend a moment to help me out here...



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If you need help, you should state a specific question or problem. If you are having trouble following the install directions, then describe the steps you have completed and the steps which are gving you trouble.


Free hosts are most likely not a solution for a live shop, and you might have a lot of difficulty even getting a test site to work. OS Commerce requires some server settings that are often not available on free hosts.



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first of all thanx


thers the story


iv got the oscommers file from the main site

extracted it and tryed to trhue the instalation guide

but no good


the server i have to work on is working on PHP 5

but dosent got the mysql (i dont know wth it is cause i dont got a server to learn it on)


so all a basicly have done till now is transferd the catalog file in to the www dir on my host dir

and tryed to connect it with the explorer and as it suposed to b i guess , no good.


so basicly i dont know anithing about the instaling it till now and i waisted 2 days on trying to do somthing like that on a free host servises... and its no good either.


if you guys tell me that i have to buy a host to do a test ill do that ( its not to good but wth can one do to learne some more)


if thers a nother way to host or else ( just in porpose of testin )

ill jump on it and try not to bug you more.





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You MUST have MySQL to use OSCommerce, even when just testing.


To test, you can set up OS Commerce on your own machine. You will need PHP, MySQL and a web server to do this. All three are available for free.


For more detailed guidelines on setting up OS Commerce on your local machine (localhost), please read carefully over the following:






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have instaled the xampp

but then were do i put the catalog file?

tryed some things but its eror all the time


and now i dont know wth i have done i cant enter the mysql cause it says that the pass is incorect



its so hard to do this???

im a real noob ....


if you peps need help moding a console i can help ....

but can one of you please... help me???


i realy need it to work 4 me



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