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Credit Card order without number


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I had a freak incident happen on my wife's store site this afternoon that I can't explain.


Someone placed what appears to be a dummy order (the IP was traced to be from overseas, yet we only allow orders from the US... zip was invalid and phone number was w/o area code). Anyway, the system accepted the order as a credit card order, but the CC number was blank, as were the CVV2 code and also the exp date.


I can't force an order through without the correct information. So how can this have happened? Any ideas? Any suggestions on preventing this from happening again?

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someone can force an order once in the checkout confirmation page with MS2.2 but if you had an older osc version things might been different. It also depends if you have an external cc gateway or you're using the osc default one. Some of the gateways contributions do additional checking.


As of suggestions you could change the checkout_process.php to validate the payment & shipping variables.

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