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Payment Module issue


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Hey All...


I'm hoping some guru's can help! I have a pretty modified installation I have been using for about 8 months. Due to some point of sale upgrades, I now need to get the customers CVV code. Well after several different mods... I determined the one I liked best.


The actual mod is working... however I have a problem in the Admin area.


When I ckick the configuration area for payment modules, I see the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class cc in /home/speedsho/public_html/my_catalog/includes/modules/payment/bad_cc.php on line 13


I have reviewed all of my modded files and can't see any problems. What I don't get is the error. It looks like the class "cc" is being declared somewhere else... but I do not find a reference to "bad_cc.php" in any files of my installation, so not sure where that is coming from, either.


The contribution is: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ry,1/search,cvv


ANy suggestions would be appreciated! :D

Steve K AKA - Knipper -

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Download a complete copy of all your files/folders (if you haven't already got one), and then download and install a free text editor like Text Pad and then use its Find In Files feature to try and locate the problem.



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C'mon Vger... you can do better than that! :rolleyes: (Kidding!) Your posts & input throughout the forums helped me countless times when I was initially setting up my store.


I have already used beyond compare to check old/new files agains each other, and also searched my entire local set of files for strings thay may cause the problem, but didn't see anything. I am currently at home with another set of files, a day or two older... that never had any changes to them. (I had previously made different mods while trying different contributions to get the results I wanted) I suspect I may have not restored a file, or made a change somewhere I didn't back up, etc. So I am checking here.


Hopefully in the AM with a fresh set of eyes, I will find something. Luckily, I ALWAYS make backups before any changes, and NEVER test on my live site, but on a duplicate version on a different domain.


If all else fails... wipe it all out and start over!


Thanks again and if ya think of anything to point me the right direction... let me know!

Steve K AKA - Knipper -

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Wow... check this out. I had never seen this, but is what caused my problem.


I have a habit of renaming original files with a date code on the live server when I upload new files. That way when I botch something up, just a quick rename of the original file, and everything is back to previous.


BUT... when I did that to files in /catalog/includes/modules/payment/ it was looking for the renamed files!


I found this by renaming a file, and re-uploading a new one. When I refreshed my admin page that had been showing the error, it now had the name of the file I had just renamed with the date code in the error.


All I did is delete the renamed files from the live server in /catalog/includes/modules/payment/, and the error went away. The contribution works great, and no errors on the admin side.


Live and Learn!

Steve K AKA - Knipper -

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