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Credit Card Transaction (w/o SSL) Safe?


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Hello, i am kinda new to oscommerce, and i see that SSL is not required to run the application. However I would think (and i stand to be corrected) but i think you should require SSL for people entering credit card information. Now my web host only offers SSL on a seperate server and which causes my domain to change once they move to the pages on the SSL enabled server. I am not sure if there is any way to only make certin pages read from the SSL server, or just the ones used for collecting information... but if worst came to worst, could the site be run on a NON-SSL server? With creditcard transactions?


Thanx everyone!



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Hi Ryan,


I can't help you directly but I think if you do a search under SSL or SSL server, you might be able to find the answers as to what to do when your server switches. As far as needing SSL for credit card transactions, definitely. Just from my personal point of view, if I go to a site, place an order and don't see the lock at checkout, I cancel my order. It's really your call but I would think losing customers is the last thing you'd want to do.



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