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New emails with extra dots ([email protected])= Problems


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I replied to a post earlier thinking that I could find an answer to this funkie issue, but unfortunaely it is one of those problems where the search terms are too generic to get any leads in neither Google or the forum search.


The latest shop I installed for a client has as the main default email address with one of those new type of emails with an extra dot (.) in the address (Example: [email protected]). I also, as a matter of pratice, add my own email address in the "Send Extra Order Emails To:" field in the first weeks to kind of keep an eye on things until the client gets going on his/her own. Interestinly, unlike all other installs I have made before, this one has a problem: The store owner is not getting any order emails, but I am getting them just fine. To test it, I reversed the emails (Mine as the main email, the store owner's email as the the "Send extra Order Emails") and the problem persisted. I then used mine in both and it worked fine: I get two copies for every order.


Then this weeked we got 19 orders. So I went to the client's Linkpoint credit card manager to check the orders (Not related to this problem, just happen to be checking to make sure things are running smooth the first few days) and I noticed an EXTRA order that was approved and posted in the Linkpoint manager, BUT DID NOT show up in oscommerce "Orders" list NOR did it send a recipt email to the user (Which the store owner confirmed when he called the customer). I went back and forth trying to figure out why this was...and the SINGLE THING I found that was different from the other 19 orders was... The customer was using an email with the extra dot (.) in their email address.


So now I know there is a problem with this. Here are my issues/thoughts on this:


A) Obviously, there is a bug/problem somewhere regarding these new type* of email addresses and oscommerce.


B) Where could the problem be?..Is it just a native oscommerce issue (email class, a function somewhere, etc) or is the problem a PHP-server OS issue (PHP, Sendmail, maybe a php.ini, a hosting issue, anti-spam issue)


C) Clearly, because of the fact that this problem is affecting the Orders process, we can deduct it is breaking down the flow SOMEWHERE on or after the Confirmation page. The same problem affects the built -in default store address, so the owner gets no order emails. Same problem at two separate ends indicates a common problem.


D) * Regarding the addresses with extra dots ([email protected]): How new are these type of email addresses. I do not recall seeing them much until recently. The reason I ask is because if they are fairly new and this is something that 3rd parties like yahoo or network solutions are offering, if it cannot not be easily fixed (meaning, a problem that stays within the realm of oscommerce PHP code and does not involve some massive repair like upgrading PHP or Sendmail, locking horns with the hosting company, etc), then I got the tell the client he has two options: Pay extra to do whatever repairs are neccesary, or simply notify the users in the "Create an Account" page that those type of email addresses are not supported.


I ain't jumping any freebie loops everytime these companies come up with another marketing gag. I think we can all agree that between Microsoft, Apple and the browser/plugin boys we have our hands full.


See if any of you get some leads will I keep searching.



Kannary Out!!

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