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Different stores, same server


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Last week, I noticed in my store that my "categories" box was changed with another stores info. At first, I thought I was hacked. I checked my files and my logs and everything looked fine. I emailed the other store owner and found out that he is having the same problem, but with another stores information. Today, I am picking up the 3d store on my site. We are both baffled and curious to find out how this is happening.


He emailed fatcow support and they think it has to do with us being on the same server and the databases are crossing?


This makes no since to me, has anyone heard of this before? How do we fix this? It is rather frustrating and odd to see another stores "boxes" in my site when there is no direction for them to be there.


Thank you for your assistance!



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You are on a shared server, and your customers sessions are being stored in the same place as another stores. You can solve this by editing where the session is being stored, or by forcing the session to be stored in your database instead of in a folder. Search the forums for sessions help, and take a look at http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/G..._and_Tricks/168 for the knowledgebase intro to sessions and what they do!

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