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Contact-Us sends blank emails? (other emails send fine)


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blech.. now my contact us page won't work..

I get the email, but the From name has slashes after it for example /Frank/

and the body of the email is completely blank. I have tried reinstalling the contact_us.php and the language file that is associated with it.


Any ideas?

Thanks =)

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PS.. I have already tried the 7 fixes I found in the forums.. none of those works/were already set properly.


I now see that any emails for order updates are blank too. However Recover Cart Sales emails work fine.

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PLEASE someone help. I promise that I have gone through this forum with a fine tooth comb and none of the solutions in here have solved my problems.

The email functions that look wierd are:

contact us

create account

order process

order update

tell a friend

send wishlist


Email functions that look fine:

Recover cart sales

Mail Gift Voucher


I think that admin/orders.php controls how the top email functions appear.. but I am not really sure. If someone could point me in the right direction it would really help.


Thanks. =)

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In case anyone searching for this.. this problem was finally repaired and it WAS my host. There was a problem with the php.ini files and how they were handling sendmail functions. I dont know exactly what they did, but they did figure it out.


Here are some key words people might search for.. i know this is a common problem and many people have not found a soluition yet.


blank email

empty email

blannk emails

empty emails

blank body

empty body

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