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'customers also purchased'


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Just a quick question......


doses anyone know offhand where to change the style of the text 'Customers who bought this product also purchased' that appears when viewing products.


I know this sounds minor but ive spent the last 2 hours trying to find where i can change the colour of the text from white to blue. I thought it may be changed at the bottom of the 'product_info.php' page , ive messed about but cant figure out how to sort it.......such a simple problem thats seriously doin ma head in!!


site im changing if needed is Power Records


thanks in advance for any help 8o)

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cheers for the reply kg.....


i thought thats where it would change aswell so i'd already tried that but no joy which was confusing.


I think the way to go, seen as it only this one line of text i want to change would be adding a html tag straight to the code.

Are there any particular ways i would need to write this code so it works within the php (n00b at php) or is it added just the same as a standard web page?


appriciate the help 8o)

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Need help on this. It is really stressing me out, because it should be so simple!


The answer was already posted above by kgt. But here it is set out a bit so maybe it won't be confusing..


Add this to your style sheet --

.also_purchased {
color: #0000FF;


In includes/modules/also_purchased_products.php


Change This --

<!-- also_purchased_products //-->
  $info_box_contents = array();
  $info_box_contents[] = array('text' => TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS);


To This --

<!-- also_purchased_products //-->
  $info_box_contents = array();
  $info_box_contents[] = array('params' => 'class="also_purchased"',
							   'text' => TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS);


-- Mindy

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