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The e-commerce.

HSBC CPI-integration from scratch


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Hi all,


I have decided to start out this topic regarding the hsbc e-secure payment modules and integrating in into your website for all those who are starting from scratch as of me, so that we can share our ideas on this afterall i am even begineer on this topic so hope everbody would help me.....


Starting with if anybody doesnt even have the hsbc cpi integration guide along with api

you can get it by just sending an mail to : [email protected]


Make sure you are using a secure server (https)/(ssl certificate).


You have to have an e-Secure account with HSBC. You can't even test it unless you have an e-Secure account with them (https://www.cpi.hsbc.com/servlet) . To get an e-Secure account with them you'll need to have been banking with them for at least six months, or if you bank with someone else they'll want references from that bank. It will take some time to get an e-Secure account opened.


To get a big boost in your intergration process you can download the 3rd version of the HSBC module by Jose Leon, available by download from his site at:




Another HSBC CPI Secure ePayment Card Processing Module 1.1a (w/ GNU license file) written by Kostuk Nikolas is available for download at the site:





As i believe the two gurus of this module is Rhea (Vger) & ribs (Neil Westlake) you can definitely get more help from this guys ...


You can check out the Contribution site of Rhea where you can find a quick Installation Guide for osCommerce. may be this link takes you over there




For this people who are definitely new to e-commerce you can can find an online demonstration and guide

in the following site.......


http://www.oscommerce.com (or) http://demo.oscommerce.com/


Hope this helps you started off.......


I would like the posts from the users to clearly distinguish between the integrating procedure in different paltforms for eg: mention apache/php5/windows for windows paltform & apcahe/ph5/linux for linux paltform coresponding to the tools you are using....



I will try to add more information as and off and get it for now that's it and finally don't forget to add your comments and your views on this module.......




Ravi Kanth L







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I have just found out a new way to get your hsbc cpi integration guide just follow the link below




& don't forget to check out




to get all resources you need for you integration........ which includes pdf on


1) Card Processing.


2) Risk Mangagement.


3) Store Adminstration.


4) Mail Order Guide.


Just make the best use of it.


Ravi Kanth L



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Secure ePayments utilises 128 bit SSL encryption to process card transactions from your website. Payment details are captured within our secure infrastructure and therefore both you and your customers can feel confident that confidential information is secure.


To know more about ssl certificates and how to obtain follow the link below:





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Secure ePayments is pre integrated into various third party options to provide you with an easy shop building option. This requires no specialist website building knowledge. View the Secure ePayments demo for more information.





It should work out for you...

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For those who have installed osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051113 t, an if it does't go well(maybe), you can try an alternate package at www.afcommerce.com/downloads, which is just an alternative but not an preffered one, but anyway you can try it.....

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Ok, well my hair has fallen out, my partner has left me, I am a shaking drivelling mess - whilst I have set up world-pay on my website in 1 hour flat this HSBC integration is driving me to absolute dispair.


I have single product website and do not use a shopping cart - but, as this seems to be a forum wiith the HSBC answers I hope you will forgive me for posting here. My host uses ASP not php so that's another problem. So is there anyone out there that can talk me through an ASP integration for HSBC???


I would be so happy! Help!!

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