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Multiple Items to one picture


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Hello Everybody.


I have a client that uses OS Commerce and he sell multi items of almost the same thing. for example he sell fuses and only want to show one fuse with the different options. He also sells items that are just in different colours and again only wants one picture to represent the item.


do any of guys know of any Contrib's or Mod's to make this happen easily. I don't want to write something if it already been done and I assume this is a pretty common requirement.


Thanks :-)

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I seen a few contribs, and what you want to do is going to require you to do some deleting of records (if there is no contrib that will do it). I have a client and I do his products the way you need them.


Products are "Fuses".

a. Car Fuses

b. Truck Fuses

c. Motorcycle Fuses

d. Boat Fuses.


For option a, b, c, & d, you need an image to represent each set, assuming all (fuses) options look differently.


Option a, which is Car Fuses has 40 different fuses for 40 different models... but they ALL share that 1 picture. So... since there are 40 different fuses,,,, use any 1 fuse as the base cost,,, (best to used lowest priced fuse), then you would add the other 39 options.... remember,, you have 40 Car Fuses.


The above means that you will have to add those other products as options to the item itself. The option is acutally going to be referenced as the "item no#" of that product.


If there isn't a contrib that will do that, you will have to end up with a database of 4,000 items actually being a database with 3,200..... just because those other items were actually added as options,,, but not products iteslf. So now you don't need them in your database as products.


Still, it would be nice to be able to add a product as an option to another product and still sell that option as a product itself.


I have a database that has been broken down by over 1,000 products, but still I retain the original database with all of those options as products...... just for "gp". I would vote no#1 on "compiling a database" as the most time consuming task... dealing with a database.


Hope that shed a little light on your situation.



"What I didn't know yesterday, I know today & will remember tomorrow"

(By Kwalker)


What do you see when you open up the tep_database-pr2.2-CVS.pdf file that came with your osCommerce download?

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