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Shopping Cart Content in Customer page in ADMIN


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Hi there!


I don't know if this exists yet as a contribution or not but I think it would be great to have that available.


I'm looking for a contrib that would allow me in the ADMIN, in the Customer page, to have a new button "Shopping Cart" along the 4 already built-in "Edit", "Delete", "Orders" and "email".


Once you click on the "Shopping Cart", a very simple windows could pop up and display if the customer selected has something in his/her cart and what it is if he/she does.


If the whole button idea sounds hard or just too complicated unnecessarly, then somewhere under the buttons, where we can find something like:


Account Created: 12/11/2005

Last Modified:

Last Logon: 12/13/2005

Number of Logons: 1

Country: United States

Number of Reviews: 0


We could have somewhere in there:

Shopping Cart: EMPTY




Shopping Cart: "whatever is in"


Since there is a table in the database where we can see what's in our customer's shopping cart, this contrib would just be a question of displaying this info. No major changes at all... As far as I know.


I'm not good at php so I'm not even going to try to do it myself and that's why I'm here for!

If other people think that it's a good idea but there's no existing contrib anywhere, I might just go ahead and have a shot trying to do it.


I'm sure a advance php programmer should be able to make that within 2 hours. It will probably take me 2 weeks!!



Thanks in advance for replying to this topic!


Mat :P

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