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Well, umm, are you sure?


I see a number of problems on the first page. Apparently, you installed the HTML editor correctly, because that is what the message on your site says. Categories and sub-categories have no visible names. Lots of code where there should be text. All prices are zero. Maybe in italian it looks better, but it looks like the default language is english and I don't see where to change it.


Colors look ok, domain is a good one, logo is nice. Incendently, for your products, I would change Manufacturer to Winery, or something like that.

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I like your color scheme. Simple, direct, and relevant to the product.


I like the pictures, I would suggest though taking them so the table dressings are not centered directly behind the wine. The wine should be centered, the other elements should be around it and not the primary focus of the picture.


You need to give some natural language words for "HEADER_TITLE_NEW_CUSTOMER".


Change the osCommerce title.


Also, I'm not a wine afficionado. I like that you have the data on the wine, but to me most of it means very little. I would like it if it had a a plain language description of the wine, and more importantly what it goes well with and how it's best served.


Too bad you can't ship to individuals in the U.S. :(

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Thank you for visiting my site.

I have understand that you have found problems in it.

So I have a question for you.

Have you visited the site in english language? Because for the moment I have turned off english.

Now I think the browser will automatically redirect you to your default language.

Do you think I have to uninstall the english language from the admin for the moment?


Hope to hearing from you soon.


Best regards


Simone :blink:

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I just had a look at you site and I think it looks good - it's user friendly with good descriptions and good pictures, Im a wine drinker myself and I like it! One thing - the writting in the descriptions is too small, it needs to be a little bit bigger so it's easier to read.

In return I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback from you too -

My website has been running now for 3 months and has had thousands of unique visitors, but no one has ordered. Can you please give me any feedback of what you think about the products, prices, and the website in general, I would really appreciate it!!! The website is - www.naturalbodyskincare.com


Much Appreciated and Merry Christmas to You!




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