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Can you be totally deleted from search engines??


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Ive just made my site go live, its temporarlily running on my computer at home, so its a "dynamic" ip address (which actually never changes). Im running my own dns server and have netsol pointing to my own dns server as the host server.


This is just a temp measure anyway.


Anyway I spent ages getting my header tags right and I waited for my site to get indexed in a search engine.


Seen loads of hits from googlebots and msnbots, not in google yet but the other night I noticed I was suddenly in MSN search and YAHOO! search.


I was actually really high in the rankings, like number 10 and 4th respectively if you typed in keywords relating to my site. :D


Anyway the next day I came back to check my wonderfull ranking and suddenly my site wasnt there at all, not even if I typed my whole URL in the search!!! It was like I was removed from all the engines.


I was just wondering wether its because the found I was on a dynamic IP address and, was probably on some kind of Dynamic User List DUL or something. :o


I thought you only get blocked if your a mail server though for this kind of thing. Anyway Im stumped as to wether they are just refreshing there listings or if it is normal to be totally deleted and then you appear again??


Please shed some light on this for me so I know weither I should get off my a*s and get it hosted on a proper web server on an ISP somewhere!!




Jon. :)

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Having it hosted on a 'proper' web server won't harm.


It may simply be that they first indexed your homepage and when they came back and spidered your whole web site they didn't like your meta tags. If they judged you were using meta tags as spam tags then you'd get delisted pretty sharp. Your 'Description' should not be longer than around 60 letters and spaces, and 'Keywords' should not be more than around 250-300 with no single word repeated more than 3 times.



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