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UK Zones / Counties


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It's not great - misses out some unimportant small towns such as London!


To be honest you are better of getting rid of the county entirely unless you must have it for other reasons. That way the customer an choose whether to use geographic, historic or administrative regions. After all they should know what works best for them. From the point of view of the postal system only the town and postcode are required.

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UK Counties are a problem. No one in the USA would get away with renaming Texas every few years, or redrawing the boundaries, but British Governments love to keep tinkering and messing about with the names and boundaries of UK counties - and coming up with new non-county counties which they call Administrative Counties - which don't appear on any map.


Luckily the Post Office has a way around this, because they still also accept the traditional county names.


I'd recommend you download the UK Counties Zones contribution and then edit it to reflect the old traditional county names, like Renfrewshire in Scotland etc.


The link posted by Keltic will help you with that.



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