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Help! Changing table sizes and removing boxes!


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Hi, im having trouble editting the size of my tables on the index. I have made quite a few changes but i am now stuck and cant figure out what to do next. Here is a link to my store page,




I want to extend the catagories box out a bit so it will fit all on one line. Also how can i shrink the size of the font, im pretty sure its in the stylesheet.css but i cant figure out which ones to change.


Also, i want to know if i can shrink the size of the new products for the month section. Its a 3x3 table now i want to make it a 1x3 so its only one line of 3 instead of such a large table. If thats not possible id like to just delete it, if anyone can help me do that.


Lastly, I wanted to delete or change the boxes on the right for language and currency selection. Maybe switch them to a total price or anything else. If thats not possible id like to rid of them all together, thanks in advance guys!



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many different ways to solve your first question. You could alter the definition for BOX_WIDTH in catalog\includes\application_top.php default is 125px. The other is to change the box class with a nowrap so the text for each category stay on the same line.


But if you have multiple categories levels that could cause a problem as the entire left navigation may take a lot of space.


For the 2nd question look the admin->configuration->max values set the New Products Listing to the number you want to display

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You can adjust the width of the boxes at the sides in catalog/includes/application_top.php


It should be about line 60, its called BOX_WIDTH, and is normally set at 125 so if you want it wider increase the number a bit.


With the new products you can set the maximum number from within admin, its in configuration - maximum values, its currently set to 9.


To get rid of the currencies and languages you will have to manually edit the column_right.php file, which is in your catalog/includes folder, you can remove the lines you dont need, such as....


require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'currencies.php');

require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'languages.php');


Hope thats of help.

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