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New setup suggestions


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I'm setting up a new website for myself, using osCommerce this time, I'll briefly go over some specific things I'm looking to do, but I'd also appreciate just general suggestions for contributions people use and what most people suggest using.


Basically, I already operate an e-commerce site using my own custom PHP code based on a PHP shopping cart tutorial way back when - I've hacked it to pieces but I like it because I can do anything I want with it and know it inside and out - I've used it for a number of sites. But lately I'm thinking the more I grow the more features I may need and the less time I'll have to develop them, so I want to setup a SECOND separate e-commerce site selling the same stuff to get me started on this e-commerce package.


The backend databases can be separate - no problem right now - I'll probably eventually merge them together when I get the osCommerce one where I want it. But, there are certain things I'd like to tie in together. I don't have a problem maintaining the product catalog/orders/users separately right now, they will operate as completely separate websites and the products may vary slightly on one of them.


(1) I would like to customize my new site to adjust the inventory on the old one when an order is placed, and vice versa. I'm assuming this won't be a problem with some custom code. I think I am going to use QTpro to manage my inventory seeing that my products are size specific and that's how I manage the inventory.


(2) I would like use the same product images for both sites. I already have them up and a naming convention on the existing site, how can I point the images from osCommerce to point to another website? I've tried setting http://.... as the image location - but does not work.


Any other general suggestions of contributions people see as useful would help, thanks!

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