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editing mySQL HELP!


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i am trying to install the CVV2 module which required adding a line to mySQL database. i've been researching this for days, and havent gotten anywhere with this. i installed the sql server and php and i tried using php admin, but couldnt even figure out how to get it to start. so i switched to navicat. i was able to connect to my localhost server, but could not open or import my existing mysql_catalog. is there somebody out there that can explain this to me in plain english, and walk me through how to do this? or better yet... is there an easier way to do this? i can open the mysql_catalag.sql file in a test editor and add the line in mannually, but it doesnt seem like that will work. i have no knowledge of php or sql, so any help is appreciated, as long as you can dumb it down, so a newbie can understand it. please help... this is the only thing preventing the launch of my web store.




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here might give you an idea of how to run those funny phpmyadmin and mysql thingy. I am having the same problem as you can't find a a method to update auspost.sql when implementing auspost module.


i am still reading it not sure if this is what we need, but have a browse through it might help a bit.



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