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The e-commerce.

Customer Specific Discount


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I am new to basically everything in this!

I'm having fun learning how to write codes in php.


I have a storefront that I would like to complete as soon as possible. The store is up and running pretty good. However I have a problem with this contribution. (Customer Specific Discount)


I read that it was last updated in 2002 or something and im sure the osCommerce cart has been updated tons since then.


I've run the SQL command, i've inserted the codes in the right places. I still am not sure why it is not working.


I have the customer_discount field in the admin page, i've tried several different %'s with and without the decimel as well..


I've put the files where they asked, (/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/ and /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total) since that didnt work and seemed wrong because there was no /catalog... i tried putting them in /includes/ on root of the storefront.. Should i put it in /includes/ in admin?


i'd like for someone to help. This community has helped me A LOT in getting my cart up and going. I understand most of the coding and all that. Thanks a bunch!

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I have went through everything again, and again. Everything looks good, even where the files are.


I cant find the 'green light' for this module as it states in readme


* This module works like any of the other order_total modules. You go to the admin section

and click the green light to enable this module. You will need to change the sort-order, and

also if you want shipping and/or tax to be included in the calculation.

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Display Total

Do you want to display the total order value?





Sort Order

Sort order of display.


This was taken out of the order_total module. I can't see any more configs for it...

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