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The e-commerce.

Trying to Install on a Godaddy hosted site...


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I've been trying to get a copy of osCommerce to work on a GoDaddy hosted website and have been having trouble... The largest problem, I think, is that I cannot seem to CHMOD any files. Also I cannot find the home directory...


and so my problem is not well explained... but I'm wondering if anyone else has any experiance with trying to set up this script on a GoDaddy hosted website?



I tried to install the script on my Powweb hosted site and it runs file.



Godaddy hosted copy:





Powweb hosted copy:



I really need to get the Godaddy hosted copy to work as I'm doing this for a friend and I can't force him to rely on the uptime of my site.


BTW This is a great script! Congratz to the community here =]



(I'm aware that some of the images are unfinished... but that's okay -- as soon as I know it works I'll get the rest fixed up)

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Do a search for godaddy problems and you may find the answer you need. I have seen people not able to ever get their site running correctly on godaddy as they have a lot of mysql issues even once you get your site up and going. Yahoo and godaddy are fine for static html sites but I would never use them for a site that uses a database.

The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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