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Confused about Search-Engine Safe URLs


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What does this feature do exactly? I've tried to search in the archives and have found lots of people talking about them but not what they do. I was just wondering what the benefits would be of enabling/disabling this feature. Thanks!

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Oscommerce uses session ID's (that long list of numbers in the url) to track visitors. SEF's will remove the SID's. Years ago, that was important snce some of the search engines couldn't handle them. Nowadays, it doesn't make any difference at all. The only reason to use SEF's is for appearances. A url full of numbers doesn't make any sense to most people viewing your url while one with the product name in it is quite clear.


If you do decide to use SEF's, then don't use the option in admin since it doesn't work for many servers. Use one of the many SEF contributions. I personally prefer Ultimate SEO but others have their favorite.



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Att... Enabeling the Search-Engine Safe URLs Option will not remove the Sid's , it will only change the way the urls are set up..

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