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linking problem Please help


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thanks for looking at this post, It is after all only the 5th time I have posted it and no one has answered my question yet.... :-"


Please, can someone please tell me how to ad the sid to a link if I ad a text link to my site. for example on my main catalog page, I have some picutres I added with breif info of that product and then I am putting the words " more info... " and I want to link this to the part of the site that has this product on it, but I need to have the sid added to the link incase it is a return customer, or someone who has gotten back to the main page and maybe added some things to their shopping cart. without the sid included in the link they will lose every item along the way.....


Thank you for answering this question for me....

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You don't want to actually include a session id, but you do want a session id to either be created or not lost as people move around.


To do this you need to 'include' includes/application_top.php in the outside files.


If you look through some of the root level osC files you'll see how this is done.



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