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The e-commerce.

Need help and advice about some OSC features


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Hi, I just started my company couple weeks ago with idea to create Web site - a combination of IT services area, knowledge base and the store.


So, one part of the job is already done, right now I'm working to fix osC and customizing it to fit my needs. I have difficulties to find suitable contributions for my needs, maybe bacause they are too much and I can't search for correct one :D . In that case I think the right way is to ask you, guys.


(!) - First, I'd like to add additional fields to "New Product" page, I mean, for example, one field named "retail proce", which content will be stored in database and I will be able to display it on several pages. The second one can be one "Notes" or "Remarks" field.


(!) - Second, I like the way how is NewEgg.com shopping card organized. You can put "free shipping" for each separate item by your choise, or $2.99 or whatever, or the shipping will be calculated on checkout using your ZIP code (probably they using the item weight to calculate shipping rates). Any idea how can I made it? TigerDirect have another great idea - they have a minimum shipping for each item about $6-8, and each other item added to the cart, adds usually $1-2 (or more, of course, if it's heavy) for shipping based on weight.

In ideal, I'd like to mark sometimes selected items for free shipping, in that case if "Free shipping" is in appropriate fied on the MySQL table, on the checkout the customer will not be charged for shipping, only sales tax, if he is in NY (because my business is located in New York and I need the customers from NY State to be charged sales tax, right now I not planning to sell and ship overseas). If the value is for shipping is fixed, he will have only it on checkout. If the value is "0", the standart procedure, based on weight, state and sales tax will be in effect.



(!) - Third, I'm looking to install bonus system, something like NewEgg's "Redeem Gift Certificate" feature. The idea is to send to favorite customers special codes by email, which they can use along their next purchase. This code will be only for one customer. The Gift certificate can be amount of many or % discount of next purchase, and the customer will you this code on checkout.


Another part of bonus system can be the similar code/certificate as mentioned above, which can be used for everybody who know it. I mean, if I want to give a 10% discount to all my customers for all orders between two fixed dates, I can mass-mail them using emails from the database with one Gift certificate code, which they will use to get this discount on the next order, if it is in cpecified time interval.



Is there anyway to do this, is this possible, and if so does anybody know of a way to do this. Any opinions and advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank You

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Feature request number one I'm not sure about. It may be something you would have to custom code. (then you could upload it as a new contribution so that it can help others)


Number 2

>> Free shipping per product 1.0 - adds ability to designate free shipping on a per product basis.

>> For fixed shipping by weight, use the built in "Table Rate" shipping module with the "table method" set to weight.

>> For a base rate + extra per product count, use the built in "Per Item" shipping module. Set it up so that the "handling charge" plus the "shipping cost" equals your base rate for one product. Then for each additional item it will increment the shipping total by the amount defined in "shipping cost".


Number 3 - Credit Class & Gift Voucher - adds gift certificate and coupon functionality.

Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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Finally, I have installed Credit Class & Gift Voucher and added multiple fields to Product description page. But I still can't understand why osC add sales tax to each purchase, even the buyers are from different states.


I have New York in Tax Zones menu from osCommerce CP, Taxable Goods in Tax classes, and 8.375% in Tax rates. I registered 3 different users in different US states, and I need sales tax to be charged only if the buyer is from New York. Right now if the user is in California, for instance, he will be charged sales tax, which is incorrest. Any idea what i'm doing wrong?


Thank you.

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