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Need some help translating some jargon


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I am in my hosting cPanel and am about to password protect my admin folder - hoping this will thus prompt me for a login when I go to www.mysite.com/catalog/admin...


So, I'm on the page where you fill in some info and first it says this:


Folder requires a password to access via http://

Protected Resource Name (will display in browser's password mask): [then there is a text box to type in].


So.....what are they wanting me to type in this box???


Next is: Active Users - there is a box to select a user (though it's blank) and a button marked "delete user".


Then: Username (box to type it in) then "add new user" button

Password (box to type it in) then "change password" button



Is the password to protect this folder the one I type in in the first part? Sorry if this is a newbie question, but sometimes they just don't state things in plain english.


Thanks in advance,


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Never mind - it seems I need to type out my question and THEN I find the answer as I continue looking *grins*


It seems my hosting company decided to do a flash tutuorial when you click on "help" and it showed me exactly, step by step, what to do. Imagine that! LOL.

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