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Admin Panel, PayPal Only and Order Logging


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Using PayPal Only and Order Logging, E-mailing of Orders.


Does Os-Commerce send the Vendor an e-mail before or after the Customer completes their Remittance at PayPal ?


Cart does not seem to log Orders at all with Method set to only PayPal used?


I am in a total state of confusion here, I have other Os-Commerce sites that after initial installation DID NOT exibit this problem of absolutely nothing being logged in the Customers, Orders area of the Admin Panel ?


Cart is at: http://magicgalleries.com/shop/catalog/index.php


Everything else including my visual mods is working just fine... :blink:

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Can someone advise me on the stability of the Contribution ?


PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN Installation:




Thanks :)




Just a word of WARNING! The download file link for this contribution at SourceForge is CORRUPT. Very corrupted!! It was far too large in comparison, had Truncated File Extensions, Missing Files and 1.5 Meg of general Gibberish stung throughout it...


:angry: Never did like SourgeForge's Style or Presentation anyway... And this one cost me 10 hours of "cleanup" editings and replacement of files on the server. (I initially had the modification done in 3 hours.)


BE SURE you get the Zip File from the Author's site at: http://www.devosc.com/PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN/

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