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The e-commerce.

Evaluating osCommerce


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I'm currently using ClickCartPro, but would like to move to something else due to the lack of support.


Here's what I need, and this might be a total showstopper, but I'll let you tell me...


I do NOT want to have to load my clients' products into a shopping cart database and have the shopping cart generate my website for me. I know html and css up and down and can create good looking websites. I want the shopping cart to simply do the shopping cart tasks - keep track of what a customer has ordered, figure shipping, tax, etc...


So I'd like to create my product display pages myself in HTML with code inserted that will call the shopping cart software.


Can osCommerce do this?


Other - less important questions...


One of my clients sells gifts and would like to be able to include a gift card with the delivered order. Her customer would choose from a gift card style and enter some text to be put on the card. If the customer has purchased multiple items and would like them shipped to different locations, each location should have the option of a gift card.


A few of my clients have unusual shipping needs. The simple formula of "1st lb costs X dollars, every pound after that costs Y dollars" doesn't work. Occasionally, they will sell very inexpensive, lightweight items. For example, the item costs $1 to buy and weights less than 1/2 oz. Shipping is 65 cents. They also sell them in bulk - 100 of these small items weigh about 2 lb. It would be rediculous to charge $65 shipping on that. So I have a custom shipping algorithm that allows me to say something like this:


<1/2 oz: .65

1/2 to 1 oz: 1.00

1 to 2 oz: 1.50


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As much as I like osCommerce, I'd have to say that it is overkill for what you need. You need simple shopping cart software, just a few php functions or classes, really.


osCommerce is really an ecommerce storefront, and while you could modify it and "dumb it down" to be just a shopping cart, it would be a lot of work. Anyone have suggestions for shopping cart software? Maybe on the following site: http://www.opensourcecms.com/ under "e-commerce". This is a good site that lets you test a demo version of mainly CMSs, but also shopping carts like osC.


Good luck,


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