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Hey there, I'm having an issue with the order process. It seems that whenever a customer orders something from our store it does not send them a comfirmation email, and it doesn't send an notification email to us either.


It shows up in the admin section as an order, and when you update the status of the order and select to notify the customer it says that they have been notified yet they did not recieve an email.

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Correction it seems that using a hotmail account the customer is not getting a comfirmation email. If they use another email then they do get a comfirmation.


Although we are not being notified when there is an order. Is there something that I missed to have an email sent to us when we get an order?

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Well I haven't found a soloution to this yet.


Though this computer of the clients has a messed up outlook that does not work and keeps asking for the CD, which they can't find.


I don't think that would mess it up though.


What are your email options set to in the configuration


Mine are this just for comparison.

email invoice customer: true

default email template: invoice.php

email transport method: smtp

email line feeds: crlf

use mime html: true

verify email address: false

send emails: true

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