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The e-commerce.

help: selling both per-item and weigth-based products


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hi all


the osCommerce site i've set up is finally ready to be launched. i've finally solved all issues with PayPal payments, and doing a couple of final tests on their sandbox.

i'm still unsure though that i've used the right approach in setting up the catalog products, and i hope someone can give me a clear answer on it. yes, i've rtfm, and the forums, and google-d on it, but i still have the damn doubt.


the site will sell patisserie. some products are sold by weight (min. order 1Kg), but some should be sold per item. i'm using *should* cos i resolute to turn those into weight-based sales, as i couldn't figure out a solution that'd allow me to do both sale types.


and that's my question: is it possible to sell products both by weight and per item on osCommerce? i.e. selling 1Kg of this and 5 pieces of that? and how'd i go about shipping, which is weight based?


thankyoueversomuch in advance for any help

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