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Fedex ZipZones 3.0 -> DHL ZipZones Calculator


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I do like the Fedex Zone Shipping Calculations module, but I would prefer to use DHL rates, so I replaced all the "fedex" words with "DHL" in the .php files and fixed the file names. So now, we have these files.




admin\2005_DHL_US-Ground.csv (I'm using ground only)

images\icons\shipping_DHL.gif (small DHL gif logo)




TheJackal is helping me through this, and he figured out I needed to change


$sql = "SELECT * FROM DHL_zones WHERE zone_name=$zonename"



$sql = "SELECT * FROM DHL_zones WHERE zone_name='$zonename'"


in \admin\buildDHLdata.php


I got my zip zones from DHL site, added them in the .csv file, the same format and everything, and added my zones/zipcodes to the zone_locator.txt, bam... when I thought I was finished, I try to load the buildDHLdata.php, I get a lot of "Piece was non-numeric:", but all the rates are in numbers, there is no $'s or spaces. I don't know what the deal is, but if you wanna try to see if works for ya, be my guest. You can either edit the files yourself or I can zip up the files I edited and let you try em, just PM me and I'll give you the link.

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For some reason, it doesn't like it when I'm only using to 8 zones in the ground.csv file, I tried it with the original ground.csv (with the other zones), and I didn't get any of the errors... but I'm only shipping within the US, so I don't care for zones over 8. I registered an account that was from WA (I'm in Texas), to see if it would acculate the shipping cost correctly... put about 40 lbs worth of bait in my shopping cart, checkoug... but it's doesn't give a price for the shipping, like they can have free shipping. This is very aggervating... trying to get this shipping to work properly. *sigh*

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