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Unable to Register New Customers


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Howdy all,


I'm in the midst of trying to get osC set up and have the most basic of basic configuration done (store name, payment types, countries/taxes, etc). My problem is when I go to register a dummy user, I get returned to the registration page. Nothing happens - no writing to the DB, no emails sent to the locations as specified in the config, etc.


I've scoured the forums here but can't find any info on this. Maybe I need to switch up the solvents I've been using.


Site is at http://www.militaryball.ca/store. With the exception of editing /catalog/includes/english/index.php to change the main text, and the configure.php file to change my default currency to CAD, everything is still virginal.


Go easy on the newbie!





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Try putting www. on your https url in includes/configure.php





By George, you were right, after all. For some reason, the two were mis-matched, and indeed, that was the source of my grief. Thank you very much for your help! I'd been picking my brain for days trying to find those four little characters that would make my life so much simpler :)


And as clarification, for those who are reading this post and trying to get it to work, the file is catalog/includes/configure.php and the two lines in question are:


define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://militaryball.ca');


define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'https://militaryball.ca');


I found that by looking at the links and the way they appear on the actual login page, this'll show you how it's to be set up in your configure.php file. as long as those two lines of code and what's trying to be linked to on the page matches, it should work. YMMV.





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Thank you shagg and user99's!

For some reason when I switch to a secure connection it adds a ~accountname to my webaddress.

I needed to update the two entries mentioned above to:


Then it started working. I would have never gotten that myself.

I'd prefer the ~pearlsel part not be there for the secure connection, but I guess that's a different topic.


- Brian

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