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Fix: Warning: session_save_path()


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Hi Peeps,


Just thought i'd say thanks for the very useful information.


With my host I only had to change /admin/includes/functions/sessions.php and /includes/functions/sessions.php


I changed the config files in both includes and admin/includes. I received a sql server connect function error, so I changed them back to the original files. (Make sure you create a backup of the file your copying saves time if it all goes pear shaped).


code inserted:


line 164 admin/includes/functions/sessions.php


if (STORE_SESSIONS != 'mysql') { // added this line to turn off this checking if storing session info in db
don't forget to add the extra } after the last }.


did same again:


line 168 /includes/functions/sessions.php


Exact codes lines may vary but the should be in that area on RC2a


Thanks guys this was really useful info to me!



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  • 5 weeks later...

As a newbie to php, mysql and oscommerce, this forum post helped me out. Big thanks.


I edited the following to solve the errors.

"You can also just use phpMyAdmin to edit the value directly. It's in table: configuration at about line 136. Session Directory SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY /tmp Simply change /tmp to tmp "


Thank you very much @Smooth_Groove

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you so very much. Was struggling for hours trying to find solution to this. Changing the configuration table SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY to be tmp instead of /tmp did the trick as suggested in this post. Once again thank you.

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Could someone help me change /tmp to tmp I tried to download phpmyadmin for like 2 hours and got nowhere and I was looking on tutorials and how to install it and I couldnt find the phpmyadmin rather than the PhpMyAdmin folder to extract it to... Also I tried the online phpmyadmin and didnt know what to do... I'm new at this I'd like to figure this out so I can get the osCommerce up and running... Thanks I'd really appreciate the help!

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