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Another new user needs help


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HI Everyone


i am a new user and wondered if someone could tell me how to link my store from my website. i am sure it is pretty simple and i have managed to make a simple link but it makes my website look a bit amateurish. if there are any other ways of doing rather than just using a text link on a blank web page then i would be grateful.



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Without a link to your site, it is hard to make a precise recommendation.  However, in general, when the store isn't the main function of the site, then the store is usually linked by adding it to the site's existing menu. Sometimes it is also "advertised" in other places on the site using banners or other smaller image ads for your own products.  In the case of the menu item, it would link to index.php of the store.  For the product ads, they would usually be linked to the product info page for the product. (when capturing the url for the link, be sure you don't get the session ID in it)

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If you have installed your store in a sub-directory (/catalog/), create a link on your main page (www.yourdomain.com) example: 'To visit our store, click here' with the hyperlink to http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/index.php. It is as easy as that. Additionally, the way osCommerce works, the navigation breadcrumb will read 'Navigation: Top >> Catalog' or something like that, depending on how you want it to read. In this case clicking on 'Catalog' brings you to the first page of the store and 'Top' brings you back to your main page.

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