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XAMPP security advice needed


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HI please excuse a new topic on this I have searched the forums and can't seem to find an answer honestly!


I've installed XAMPP but despite following the instructions to make it password secure i cant access the phpmyadmin section, i added the new password to the config.inc.php file but still no joy..i just get access denied, and im getting itchy to hurry up and install osC


SO i wondered if it was safe enough to just rely on my firewall? i could work offline but it would be a pain having to disconnect my cable and i often want to have access to google for searching in case i run into problems.


Also..with the new release of osCommerce i gather i wont have to bother switching to PHP4?


Hope someone can help.



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It depends upon what type of connection you use. If you use a USB connector for Broadband then I would recommend Password Protecting 'localhost', but if you use a Router with a hardware firewall then you should be okay.


If you go to the XAMPP control panel then you can set up your security there.



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