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Added page - Aboutus.php - copied to root...then what?


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EVERYTIME ( a little frustrated cuz I HAD IT WORKING) :-) I change a page in ROOT or ADD a page in ROOT...it works fine...as soon as I copy that page over to the english folder it @#$%'s up! this is killing me!


When I create a new page, eg. Aboutus.php and save it to root...do I also have to copy this page to my /english folde that appears to have identical pages in it?







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kind of yes and no. In application_top.php it gets the files basename and includes that file (if there), so for english - index.php includes includes/languages/english/index.php and checkout_shipping.php include includes/languages/english/checkout_shipping.php


so, wheter it's there or not, it would also try to include includes/languages/english/mypage.php for mypage.php


depending on what you're trying to do and want, you can make a language file for your page, or you can edit the file mypage.php directly and not include 'languages'. The 'include' thing is what helps it be multi-lingual, if you don't need that just edit the file and don't bother with the 'included language'

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