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Change index page results....or access index from remote location?


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For the most part I have my shopping cart functioning correctly, i.e., payment gateways and shipping modules. However getting the cart to have the right look and feel is another story. I have been mainly focusing on the index page for now, so that?s where I could use some help.


Here?s what I have so far. http://www.lifewell.net/catalog As you can see have managed to manipulate the look pretty well with the ?column_left? & ?column_right?, and I have been able to integrate the shopping cart buttons into my menu. I chose not to utilze the ?new_products? on my main page so you can see what I put in it?s place.


Now, for my problem, you?ll notice when clicking on the ?my account, view cart, checkout, and search? links they open up into a new page that I can later manipulate the look of, but when you search by ?manufacturer? the results are displayed directly on the index page. Same thing would be happening for categories, but I haven?t put the links in the menu yet.


So, I would like to be able to have the manufacturer and categories links open up into a new page (where my main page content filler will be gone) or I would like to be able to create this main page outside my cart?s root folder and make the manufacturer links work from there. As it is now , if I were to save this page outside the local root of he cart the page wouldn?t even open correctly without errors. http://www.lifewell.net/test.php


I am open for suggestions and appreciate any help with this.





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I think the reason you're not getting replies to your post is that this isn't about how to get osCommerce functioning normally (resolving normal problems). It's actually about rewriting the code to get osCommerce to do what you want it to - which goes well beyond normal support on these forums.


Obviously you need to get those links to work in a new window by inserting a target="_blank" command, but first you've got to find them all. I'd advise you to use something like the "Find In Files" feature of a plain text editor like Text Pad (free download).



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Thanks for your reply.


I figured the reason people were not replying was something like that. One thing that puzzled me is that someone rated my question as a 3 star instead of a 5 star, and they never left a solution. If it was only a 3 star problem for them then why didn't they solve it?? :huh:


The solution you gave

inserting a target="_blank" command
wouldn't work because these are forms, and for that matter they are forms laid out in PHP.


Anyways, after thinking a little too much on a solution and giving up and then coming back to it again, I finally was able to solve the problem. It was right in front of me the whole time.


In the file includes>boxes>?manufacturers.php? on line 52 there is a line of script that says this.

?$info_box_contents[] = array('form' => tep_draw_form('manufacturers', tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, '', 'NONSSL', false), 'get'),?
The ?FILENAME_DEFAULT? in that string is where the form intends to display its results. (FILNAME_DEFAULT being index.php in your main cart folder). So, since the results were pointing there I just created a separate main page inside the cart where I will point my visitors to initially, and from there they will be referred to the actual index page of the cart. Pretty simple!


Here are my results. My Cart You can see my content filler in the middle of the page and then when you try to search by manufacturer it takes you to another page where my main content filler is gone!!


Best Regards,



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