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Need Help with Stock Updates


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I have a little problem with stock updates on my shop.

When customer pays by Money Order or check, then there's no problem - positions from the order are being instantly taken out of stock after customer goes through the checkout process.


Situation is different when customer decides to pay with paypal ( which is much more popular then MO/check option ).


I have kind of a strange IMO logs in Paypal IPN transaction details


Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments

12/04/2005 07:53:56 Preparing [PayPal IPN]

12/04/2005 07:54:16 Processing PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]

12/04/2005 07:54:47 Processing PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]

12/04/2005 07:55:28 Processing PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]

12/04/2005 07:56:40 Processing PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]

12/04/2005 13:41:01 Processing PayPal IPN Invalid [Completed]


Sometimes order is being taken out of stock and sometimes it isn't. It leads to very uncomfortable situations like, when two customers decide to buy 1 unique item from my website at the same time. I don't have a possibility to get another one as it's UNIQUE.


So my question is...


What kind of paypal payment module should i use to make it take orders out of stock instantly after the checkout process, regardless of the payment ?


I'd rather check if the payment was done manually ( I can resign from IPN module ) then explain customers why they item they want is not available.




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