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Authorizenet Consolidated v1.7b with cURL fix


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Hi everyone,


I will try to be brief... I have a series of questions that I really answers to.

I'm trying to install the Authorizenet Consolidated contrib but it's not working... I have my AuthorizeNet account set up and everything, I even made the initial pre-install Authorize.Net module working but it doesn't pass the order #, the description and something wrong with passing the address I think...


So anyways, I'm all ready to make that contrib work but it keeps on giving a blank catalog/checkout_payment.php page everytime!!! Everything comes back to normal after I put my back up files back online.


Here are my questions and therefore sources of the problem:


1- I don't think I have cURL installed/compiled!!! I checked my file manager, and I should have some libraries or files into usr/bin/curl/ or something like that... well, I don't have the folder "bin" in the folder "usr", so obviously no cURL either!! What do I have to ask "EXACTLY" to my web hoster so they can install and compile the cURL thing on my server or whatever...


2- The contrib install talks about putting the exact cURL path. But where do I get that path and where do I put it? In what file?


3- I got the SSL certificated installed and everything... Now, I believe I need to have my checkout pages secured with the famous "https", right?!! How do I get those pages (probably including checkout_payment.php and others) secured? What do I have to change "EXACTLY" in includes/configure.php? Where else do I have to change anything?


4- As I mentionned, after installing the contrib, the page checkout_payment.php is BLANK!! How come? Is it probably just the cURL issue? Anyone had that before? Does it mean anything specific?


5- I really need to contrib to work out because right now, I made the original Authorize.Net module work but it doesn't pass a bunch of data and it doesn't check much neither!!! I put my credit card # but a false expiration date and guess what? The page checkout_success came out with "your transaction was approved" bla bla bla, and the transaction was "unsettled" in the authorize.net server. Later on that day, they approved the transaction and they did charge my credit card!!!! I wonder if the money is now on my merchant account bank account or already transfered to my business bank account...


Anyways, I hope that this not checking issue is not present with the contrib I'm trying to install!!!


Alright, Please anyone answer my questions as simply and throughly as possible, I've been stuck for 2 weeks now and I really need to get this working...




Mat :)

PS: I fixed the timestamp error (error 97), so if anyone has the same problem, I can help out!

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Well, there are 10+ viewers for this post which means that people are interested in knowing the anwsers to my questions as well... but there's nobody that actually can answer them!


That's too bad!

I know I'm not the only one stuck in here with this contrib.




Thanks a lot


Mat :)

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