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The e-commerce.

how did you get the idea for your shop?


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finding a subject (what's the right word?) for an online shop is not simple because you have to find a subject where you do not have to compete with the really big online shops like amazon.



how did you get your idea?

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For me it was a matter of finding something I enjoyed doing and had technical knowledge in.


It is my opinion that those are two of the most important factors that anybody should consider when planning a new business. Especially if you envision it one day becoming your primary vocation. If you don't enjoy it, you won't be willing to dedicate the time to it that success requires. If you don't have technical knowledge of the field, you will have a steep learning curve and likely always be a step behind others that do have a deep understanding of the field.


It is also notable that no matter what niche you choose, there either already is a major competitor that has more resources than you or there will be. The first key to succeeding/surviving in a competitive market is to give your customers a reason to keep coming back to you. This can take many different forms depending on the nature of the niche you are in. The most overused and least enduring is price. True, it has a lot of surface value to customers, but in the long run somebody will beat you on it, or you will not make enough profit to stay in business. Better foundation blocks to build a business on are service, features, quality, etc.

Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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"my" shop is actually owned by a relative, i just have a very large part in it :)

it started as a physical shop which closed after two years of business and went strictly online.


far better business online :)

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My original product line flopped, I lost lots of money with it (ended up throwing most of it away). I had some other products which I had picked up while visiting my supplier in China, and one of the other products took off. So I built that line out and continue to add new products which have some cross-selling value.


Price is the number one thing which differentiates me from my competition; however, my customers are really sold once they see how easy the website is to navigate and the level of customer service they receive. osCommerce has contributed greatly to my success because it's easy to navigate and the little things like sending an email to customers when you ship the order and when you determine that it has been delivered are much appreciated by our customers.


The best advice I can offer is to continue to look for areas to improve, and not to quit. Don't risk everything on a single product, rather grow slowly by introducting new products in smaller quantities and then determining what to specialize in. Then grow your business. Most of all, give good customer service. Make it easy for them to contact you and quickly respond when the do.

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Uuuuuhhhh! Had been dying to talk abou this!!!


I'm a proud mother of a 1 and a half year naughty boy. and since I was pregnant I took part in a community (forum+site with lots of info) and I was having a great time there. One day, as other people did, I decided to create an online album, as a little site for the gropu I was part of, with pictures of our babies...

I got carried qaway, started to like it and added some features. See here. As easily noticeble it's nothing of an expert's job, but I did it to please those community's membres. I was away from that forum for a couple of weeks and when I came back...surpise surpeise! Been warned not to talk there about the site I did for them (not for the admins, but for members, same as other member of groups did). And to delete all posts where I was talking about it. And so I did, not wanting to create problems. But other people kept reminding about that, and after another 2 weeks of absence I discovered I was banned!!! Though I was quiet, a good little girl and so on. That's when I decided I should become competition if they considered me so, even if then I wasn't. So, I started work on this project.


My site is called "Muc cel Mic" . i don't know how to translate it in English. It comes from a children's story with the same name and in free translation it would be something like: "The little one with a running nose".:) yes, I know, it doesn't sound good in English, but in Romanian it's different. And i actually got the idea for the name seeing my son with a cold!!!


That's my story... Never ever would I have done this if it wasn't for what now is my competition. And maybe some day I'll thank them for the opportunity hey gave me. And For teaching me that you should always be nice to customers/members and see first if there really is a problem and then act! And I'll never condition for ex showing in a gallery the pic of a baby to the nunmber of posts in a forum and so on!


That's it! Thanks for listening! :)

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Well from 1998-1999 I had created a moderately successful online store that sold independent hip hop cds to the masses, HipHopNow (a play on CDNow). My company (and my talents acutally) was purchased by another company during the dot com craze in 2000 and we went on to develop music sites in several different genres (JamBands, Hip Hop, Latin, Electronica, and Reggae).


When the dot com company failed, my wife who is latina and her sister-in-law suggested that we do our own company selling music but after the dot com failed I had no interest in it. Then when itunes came along setting what is now the standard for digital music, and other stores like AudioLunchBox and eMusic popping up, I thought it would be a great idea to target a niche market. Seeing as how digital music is growing by leaps and bounds and latin music has exploded into the mainstream culture, with my wife and my sister-in-law manning the helms as well, it was a no brainer.


So we started the store and are trying to brand ourselves as THE place to go for latin music downloads. One good thing about selling digital products is that I no longer have to deal with all the shipping and returns headaches that I did when selling physical cds. :thumbsup:

My Contribution

Music Download Store Template


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