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Error messages - please give me a hint


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I get these 2 messages:


Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/www/free/lampadar.xhost.ro/includes/classes/email.php on line 522


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/free/lampadar.xhost.ro/includes/classes/email.php:522) in /home/www/free/lampadar.xhost.ro/includes/functions/general.php on line 29


I have deleted the white spaces from the above files (from the begining and end of files) but I don't know how to approach the below sugestion, from Common Probles/ Knowledge Base:


to make sure no headers are being set after content has been sent to the client.


How do I do that or what else should I do?


Thank you.


- line 522 -


if (EMAIL_TRANSPORT == 'smtp') {

return mail($to_addr, $subject, $this->output, 'From: ' . $from . $this->lf . 'To: ' . $to . $this->lf . implode($this->lf, $this->headers) . $this->lf . implode($this->lf, $xtra_headers));

} else {

return mail($to, $subject, $this->output, 'From: '.$from.$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $this->headers).$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $xtra_headers)); - this is line 522


- line 29 -

function tep_redirect($url) {

if ( (ENABLE_SSL == true) && (getenv('HTTPS') == 'on') ) { // We are loading an SSL page

if (substr($url, 0, strlen(HTTP_SERVER)) == HTTP_SERVER) { // NONSSL url

$url = HTTPS_SERVER . substr($url, strlen(HTTP_SERVER)); // Change it to SSL




header('Location: ' . $url); - this is line 29





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Any help, please?


MarcoZorro replied to one of my posts and told me that OSC should work with a free email, like gmail.

I am very thankfull for his advice.




However, Vger in another post wrote that we should use an email address like: [email protected].

For now I'm using a free email just for tests and I will definitely use a registered domain with a proper email, once I will decide on the hosting company.


If the above errors are not related with my email address, what else could be the problem?


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The reason you shouldn't use an outside e-mail address is quite simple. If you send mail from your website to be relayed via another e-mail address then this is called 'Relaying' and this is what spammers do - and this is why 'Relaying' is banned by most major Internet Service Providers. So - relayed mail will bounce right back to you.



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Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons


vasile, are you currently using a Free Hosting account?


If so, the Hoster could have script eMailing turned off, for the (potential Spamming) reasons already mentioned.


Once you decide to get a regular Hosting account and are using your own Domain name, your eMail problem should disappear.



Here is a simple PHP eMail script for testing if one can send eMail.




mail("[email protected]","eMailTest","This is content");

echo "eMail sent, please check your Mail";




Save it as 'mailtest.php' and after uploading, use your Browser and go to:


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I did it...


Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/www/free/lampadar.xhost.ro/mailtest.php on line 3

eMail sent, please check your Mail


so I supose I need a paid web host...

I found two hosting plans... Would you suggest me any of them? I ask you because if I ask someone from a local forum they will advertise themselves.

Please check these two options and tell me what should I choose. You should be able to understand even if it's not plain English. Thank you.






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