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I posted in the announcement area, but that really isn't where it belongs so I'll put it here. I didn't see an official thread for this contrib unless I missed it.


I've got a problem with this installation, no errors, just a functionality issue.


when I press confirm order on the check_confirmation.php it should take me to paypal with the data for the final processing, it doesn't, it immediately goes to checkout_success without going to paypal at all thanking me for my order.


I've tried installing it twice to see if I missed anything, but always the same result. I set the IPN to https://ssl.perfora.net/gforceperformanceau...out_process.php



My paths were converted from catalog to shoppingbeta on purpose just substited the word for security.


I've created the 3 new required in the localization area as required. I also have auto return on but the path is to the root of the site which is gforceperformanceaudio.com which doesn't seem to be causing the problem.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the module in the admin area to rebuild the database but always the same results....................what am I missing?


I also don't see the images shown in the help files that 'look like" paypal when it processes payments......is there a link to that in the admin somewhere that I'm not seeing? Or is that the PWA?


Any help would be appreciated






UPDATE: Ok I was using a price of $.01 for the test product and it choked on it with the errors above, but when I select my regular products $100 + it passed to paypal correctly........is there a threshold limit set somewhere? Min order amount setting that I'm missing?


I've also tried a $49.00 product and it won't pass.......is there a place to set the minimum value that isn't documented?


Interesting issue to say the least

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Ok, I found out that this contribe is not at fault for my issue, what the problem is I found is that if the CCGV contrib is installed and a voucher is outstanding for the client and they decide for whatever reason not to redeem during any session, that if something is ordered that is not GREATER than the value of the voucher value, it chokes on it. If the total order is larger even if voucher is not redeemed, then it will pass normally to paypal........it weird.


This is a bizarre error but at least it is not the contrib. I verified this by using the oscommerce version of IPN and it does the same thing.......


So I figured I'd pass along this update if it helps anyone out



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